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TRS 8 Update Log

Version 8.13

  • New Report: POS->Reports->Biggest Spenders
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 8.12 which caused mailing labels printed
    from the Sections screen to print incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue on the Reminders screen that occasionally showed the
    count of overdue accounts higher than it should have been.

Version 8.12

  • Modified the PCCharge credit card authorization screen to prevent
    accidentally sending the transaction twice, resulting in a duplicate
    transaction. (Previously released to some users in 8.11a)
  • Speed improvements to the "Import From Another Store/Database"
    function (Previously released to some users in 8.11b)
  • Eliminated a long delay that some users experienced at the end of a
    POS sale when running on a client workstation.
  • Modified the serial number selector from the Sales screen so that it
    works correctly if the serial number has spaces in it.
  • Modified the Grand Total calculation on the Repairs screen as
    follows: If the parts and labor tax rates are the same, it now adds
    them together and calculates the sales tax at one time, rather than
    calculating the tax separately for parts and labor. This prevents
    the repair grand total from differing from the POS grand total by one
    cent in certain cases.
  • Eliminated some "garbage" characters that printed at the beginning of
    a receipt on some printers.
  • Made some internal changes to class enrollment lists and waiting lists.
  • Made it so that when you move a student from a class waiting list
    to the enrolled, it prompts you to send an email confirmation.
  • Added "Date Warranty Ends" to the complex search Search Assistant for repairs.
  • (AUSTRALIA ONLY) Fixed a date error that occurred in certain special searches.
  • (AUSTRALIA ONLY) Removed the comma between city and state on
    mailing labels to conform with Australian postal standards.

Version 8.11

  • Modified the "bill at cost" function so that it will use FIFO costs when
    determining the cost to use.
  • Added an error message if you try to manually adjust inventory for an item
    that is marked "don't track inventory".
  • Added buttons to print the "specials" lists (items on sale).
  • Added a button to the vendor list editor, so that you can print a mailing
    label for a vendor.
  • New special search: Special Searches->Customers->Who Has Taken Classes?
  • Made it so that you can't accidentally enter tender when a refund is due
    the customer.

PCCharge changes

  • Corrected an "invalid amount" error that sometimes occurred in the PCCharge
    interface, with XML integration.
  • Made it possible to cancel the XML credit card authorization screen while
    the status is "waiting for response". Note: Since the credit card data has
    already been sent to PCCharge, it is still possible that the credit card
    authorization will be approved by the bank. If you click "Cancel" while
    wating for a response, be sure and go back and check your batch in PCCharge
    to see if it was approved, so you can void it if necessary.

Version 8.10

  • Added the ability to send specialized emails for classes and repairs:
    * Class Enrollment Confirmations
    * Class Reminders
    * Class Cancellation Notices
    * Repair Estimates
    * Repair Completion Notices
    * Repair Pickup Reminders
  • Added buttons to repair screen to enter estimates and make the repair
    complete. This makes it unnecessary to manually edit the repair to add
    these things, and also allow you to send email confirmations for them as well.
  • Made it so that when you save a repair, it does NOT ask you if you want to
    add it to a POS ticket if the Grand Total is zero. This prevents the
    premature prompting for this when in the early stages of a repair.
  • Added a shortcut key back to the button on Edit POS Products to print a
    barcode for the current item. It is now Alt-H.
  • Modified the way that TRS starts external programs (i.e. Notepad, Emailer,
    etc.). Got rid of the black "DOS" boxes that appeared and made it so that
    you can continue to use TRS without having to close the external program.
  • Added an option for the Fast Zip Lookup function to allow you to choose how
    you want the city name capitalized. Set this option in Edit->Preferences
  • Added inventory count and location to the results list that appears when
    you search for an item by description on the Reparir or POS screen.
  • Added the option to turn of the "This customer has a store credit
    available" message. Set this option in POS->Options, on the Misc. Options tab.
  • Made the repair screen automatically refresh after taking a deposit, so
    that the deposit amount shows on the screen immediately.
  • Added the instructor's name to the class enrollment list
    (Reports->Classes->Enrollment List for Current Section)
  • Made it so that when you do an "Enter Unlisted Item", it now checks only
    the taxes that you have set up by default for a new item (instead of always
    having all 3 taxes checked). This works regardless of whether or not you
    decide to permanently add the item to your inventory.
  • Removed "<null>" item from Best Sellers Report.
  • Fixed the Inventory Summary Report. It was reporting the incorrect Grand
    Total of the "# of Products" column.
  • Fixed a couple of typos in different parts of the program ("This this
    discount apply..." and "Rapair#").
  • (AUSTRALIA ONLY) Fixed two date errors in the Australian version of the
    program (on the Sales and Orders tabs).
  • Added another method of communication with PCCharge (XML File Method). Set
    this up under POS->Credit Cards->Setup, PCCharge Payment Server tab.


Version 8.09

  • Added a new Model List editor screen. It has a drop-down list to select
    the make for each model. Also, made it possible to edit the Warranty field
    in the model list, so that TRS can automatically fill in the warranty
    details for a serialized item sale.
  • Added a button to Edit POS Products that will put all of the products in a
    found set on sale. It enters these products into the TRS Specials area,
    and allows you to select the date range for the sale, and the percentage off.
  • Modified the clerk selector screen (when you start a new POS sale, and have
    the "Clerk Logon Selected From List" option turned on), so that it shows
    the clerk's full name for easier reference.
  • Added an option to the "Import Inventory Count Update" function (for
    importing from a PDT), so that you can specify that you scanned the ENTIRE
    store, and have it set all non-scanned items' inventories to zero.
  • Added a button to the Edit POS Products screen to print one barcode label
    for each product in a found set.
  • Added a "Select" button for Work Performed on the Repairs screen, to allow
    you to simply check off things that were done to the machine. This fills
    in the Work Performed field, and also fills in the Labor fields as
    ** Set up the list for this option from Edit Lists->Repair Work Performed.**
  • Added the option to have TRS set the repair Date Completed to the current
    date when adding to a POS ticked if it wasn't already filled in.
  • Made it so that when adding a repair to a POS ticket, it doesn't prompt
    you to set the Date Picked Up to the current date, unless that value wasn't
    already filled in.
  • Improved performance when using "Enter Unlisted Item", and choosing to add
    it to POS Products.
  • Fixed an issue where if you edited a row on the Serialized Inventory
    screen, and pressed "Delete" on the keyboard, it would delete the entire
    record, without a confirmation.
  • Fixed a Repair Deposit problem that some users experienced when two users updated a Repair record and the Deposit amount no longer showed correctly on the Repairs screen.


Version 8.08

  • Added integration with JMM Bulk Emailer (File->Send Bulk Email to Found Set)
  • Made it possible to set default values for certain fields for new products
    (POS->Options, Inventory Tab).
  • Made it so that on a new product, if you leave Warning and Wanted levels
    completely blank, it no longer puts 0 in those fields.
  • Made it possible to Cut/Copy/Paste from the Report Editor
  • Fixed the redundant wording in results messages for searches so the no
    longer say, for example, "Found 7 found."
  • Fixed an issue where if you saved a report (from the report editor) to the
    desktop, temporary files were then created there.
  • Made it so that you can no longer accidentally take a 2nd deposit for a
    repair, which caused the first one to be "lost".
  • Fixed an error message that sometimes occurred if you did a stock turnover
    on a single item, and selected "From The Beginning of Time" for the start date.
  • Made is so that if you suspend a sale on a machine with a preset POS
    Category, then recall it on another machine with a different preset POS
    Category, and finish out the sale, the final stored sale will have the POS
    Category of the machine that finished the sale, rather than the one that
    started it.
  • (AUSTRALIA ONLY) Fixed a couple of date conversion bugs.

Version 8.07

  • Increased the font size for the price on barcode labels if the price is
    under $100.00. This option can be turned off in POS->Options, Printing tab.
  • Added a confirmation message box when exiting TRS.
  • Made it so that scanning a barcode containing the letter "C" does not
    accidentally cancel a POS sale.
  • Added the class start date to the Enrollments section of the customer
    history display.
  • Made it so that when you add a class enrollment to a POS ticket, it
    automatically marks the enrollment as paid if it wasn't already. This
    option can be turned off in POS->Options, Misc. Options tab.
  • Made it so that when you sell an item that is marked "Don't Track
    Inventory", it now figures out the most likely wholesale cost for that item
    and records that info with the sale.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused TRS to freeze when adding a repair to a
    POS ticket if the repair had a deposit associated with it.
  • Removed "CUSTCOMPANY Not Found" error message that occurred when attempting
    to print mailing labels for a class section.
  • Fixed a bug that caused TRS to generate too many names when doing a phone
    list, mailing labels, email list, etc. from the results of a Complex Search
    if the search contained an "or" in certain cases.

Version 8.06

  • Added the option to make sales tax always round UP, instead of to the
    closest penny (required for the state of Maryland)
  • Made it so that the "Jump To an Item " button on the POS Products screen is not
    case sensitive if that option is turned on in POS Options.
  • Modified the repair screen "Scan Part" and "Scan Labor" fields to be
    non-case-sensitive if that option is turned on in POS Options.
  • Added a message to the Screen Designer Abort option to restart TRS to get
    the controls back to their previous location when required.
  • Moved the scrollbar for the repair parts/labor section over to the left
    more, so that it's visible at 800x600 resolution.
  • Fixed the repair parts/labor tabbing order, which got messed up when the
    scrollbar was added.
  • Made it so that customer special pricing items can be edited and deleted.
  • Fixed a problem where not all of the models would show up on the Leads
    screen model drop-down in certain cases.
  • Modified the Leads screen, so that only the models for the selected make
    will show up in the drop-down.
  • Modified the Sales screen automatic commission calculation, so that it uses
    the actual cost on the Sales screen, rather than looking it up in Vendor
  • Fixed a bug in the "sales report by salesperson" that would prevent certain
    salespeoples' sales from coming up.
  • Added "Suspend/Recall Sale" and "Put POS Sale on Layaway / Pickup Layaway"
    to the security settings.
  • Added notations on the "Print Normally" and "Print Direct To Printer"
    buttons on the text printout screen, to let the user know which button to
    use with what type of printer.
  • Modified the account special searches to prevent zero-balance accounts to
    come up when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug on the order check-in screen that prevented the prompt to print
    the selected barcodes if you selected ALL of the barcodes on the screen.
  • Made a change to the PCCharge authorization screen to prevent an error
    message related to closing a port that was already closed.
  • Removed the "Check for software updates" menu option.

Version 8.05

  • Added 10 more parts/labor lines to the Repair screen. Put them in a
    scroll box, so that you can see 10 of them at a time.
  • Added the ability to set up special pricing for products for an individual
    customer ("Special Pricing" at the bottom of the Customer screen).
  • Added the ability to permanently set the POS Category for a particular
    station, so that it always uses one particular category, without having to
    prompt the user for each POS sale. (POS->Options, Misc. Options tab).
  • Added the ability to specify which POS Category to use for Key To The Web
    ECommerce sale imports. (POS->Options, Misc. Options tab).
  • Added the ability to disable the scrollbars on the POS screen
    (POS->Options, Misc. Options tab).
  • Modified the Orders screen, so that you can't start a new order with the +
    sign on the toolbar if you are in Search mode, because doing that caused
    undesirable results when you added items.
  • Fixed problem that prevented deleted classes and sections from showing up
    on the Undelete screen.
  • Removed "custpopupnotes" error message that occurred when doing a special
    search from the customer screen.
  • Fixed a minor calculation error in the HTML repair invoice that
    occasionally caused it to be off by one cent for certain tax rates and totals.
  • Made a minor improvement to the PCCharge interface to possibly correct an
    occasional problem.
  • Modified the Sale, Repair, and Lead screens to that long customer names
    don't get cut off at 20 characters.
  • Removed delays that some users experienced on the Kit Creation screen.

Version 8.04

  • Put the buttons on the lower half of the POS screen into a scrollbox, so
    that those using 800x600 screen resolution can scroll down to the lower
    controls, such as the Layaway buttons and item count.
  • Made it so that for those using screen resolution greater than 800x600,
    the "dead" space on the right side of the screen is now usable (you can put
    controls there now with Screen Designer). On the Customer screen, the
    History display is now over in that right hand area, and the section
    scrollbars are now completely visible.
  • Added a new Special Search for unlinked special orders.
  • Made it so that when you leave the serialized sale screen, it
    automatically re-hides the cost display if you had clicked on "Show" and a
    cost was showing.
  • Now, when you go to the order check-in screen, it sorts the items by part
    number, to make it easier to find the order items.
  • Fixed a problem where if you suspended a sale on one computer, then
    recalled it on another computer and re-suspended it, it could create a
    duplicate suspended sale.
  • Removed a "custpopupnotes" error message that occurred if you tried to add
    a new customer while in search mode.

Version 8.03

  • Made it so that whenever a new product is added, the Date Added field is
    automatically set to the current date.
  • Made it so that you can not delete the barcode number from a POS
    product. Now, if you blank out the barcode field and try to save the
    product, and don't allow TRS to generate a barcode number, it does not
    allow you to save it.
  • Made it so that on a Special Order, you can actually edit the Retail price
    directly in the grid. Also made is so that the retail price in the grid
    carries over to a POS sale when you ring it up.
  • Fixed some errors that occurred on some of the Customer Special Searches.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking the "Hide History" button on the customer
    screen, after some of the category views were expanded, could change the
    screen layout unpredictably.
  • Removed an error message that occurred in Kit Creation if you gave the kit
    a barcode number with an apostrophe in it.
  • Update the Help->About box. Changed the logo to the TRS 8 logo, and
    updated the copyright info.

Version 8.02

  • Added the ability to show/hide the Last Sold Date field on the POS Products
    screen because it was causing performance delays when visible and running
    over a network.
  • Added the Date Added field to POS Products Quick Search, Complex Search,
    and Mass Edit.
  • Removed long delay that occurred when you clicked the "Check In / Receive
    Stock" button on the Orders tab, when running over a network.
  • Added meaningful names to the new fields when you do List Found Set or a
    Custom Query Report, and removed the unused fields from these reports as well.
  • Fixed a problem (introduced in 8.01) that prevented you from adding new
    records for some tables.

Version 8.01

  • Added the ability to view the stock turnover information for a single
    inventory item, without having to do a search and generating a whole
    report. The new option appears when you click the "Turnover Report" button
    on the Edit POS Products screen.
  • Made the "Retail" column in special orders an editable field. This will
    also allow you to enter a retail price for a special order item, even if
    it's not in your POS Products database.
  • Removed several delays that occurred in version 8.00 when running over a
  • Removed error messages that occurred when doing certain customer special
    searches in version 8.00.
  • Removed error messages that occurred when attempting to create a phone list
    or mailing labels for found set after doing certain special searches in
    version 8.00.
  • Corrected a problem that caused some of the database toolbars to be
    invisible on certain screens in version 8.00.

Version 8.00

  • Initial Release.
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