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JMM has teamed with OpenEdge to offer you an integrated solution that provides one resource for everything your business needs to process credit card payments.

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TRS 7 Update Log

Version 7.23

  • Fixed a minor logic bug that caused "gross sales before discount" and
    "gross returns before discount" to be incorrect when items were sold at a
    100% discount.
  • Modified the PCCharge authorization screen so that the "Authorize" button
    becomes disabled after it is clicked once. This is to prevent accidentally
    sending two charges through.

Version 7.22

  • Minor improvements to the PCCharge interface

Version 7.21

  • Minor improvements to the PCCharge interface

Version 7.20

  • Minor improvements to the PCCharge interface

Version 7.19

  • Removed an error message that occurred in Kit Creation if you gave the kit
    a barcode number with an apostrophe in it.

Version 7.18

  • Added the option to generate serialized sale and repair invoices in HTML
  • Fixed a problem where if you did an auto order while in search mode, some
    of the items were sometimes added to the wrong order.
  • Made it so that if you are editing a customer, you must either save or
    cancel your edit before going to the Special Search menu, because accessing
    the features on that menu while in edit mode often caused strange results.

Version 7.17

  • Removed an error message that said, "CUSTID is a required field" that
    occurred when editing a customer record in certain circumstances.
  • Modified the POS screen so that if you click "Cancel" when prompted for a
    quantity or a price, that it blanks out the "Next Item" field.
  • When changing a barcode number in POS Products, eliminated the prompt to
    update vendor products with new barcode number if either the old or new
    barcode number is blank.
  • Fixed a situation where doing a "Print As Invoice" from the POS screen
    would print the wrong invoice if the Review POS screen was in search mode.
  • Removed error message "Error Editing Notes" that sometimes occurred when
    editing the notes of an item in Serialized Inventory.
  • (AUSTRALIAN VERSION ONLY) Modified some reports that didn't work correctly
    with the Australian date format.

Version 7.16

  • Added button to access training movies.
  • Added the option to print barcode labels from the "Enter Reordered
    Products" function.
  • Modified the Enter Reordered Products so that when you select the vendor,
    it automatically starts on the product's preferred vendor.
  • Added the vendor's phone number, fax, and email address to purchase order
  • Fixed an issue where if you clicked on the customer accumulations, credit
    limit, credit terms, or bad check box, the screen would jump down.
  • Made the Vendor and Department Name drop-downs work for the "Copy Item to
    New Item" button on the Edit POS Products screen.
  • Fixed an issue in the auto-order function where it would sometimes order
    products that were already on order if the minimum order qty was set.

Version 7.15

  • Added support for 2-across removable barcode labels (1.18" x 1")
  • Added ability to select items on the order check-in screen and print all of their barcodes as a group
  • Made it so that if a clerk is logged on, but doesn't have rights to a particular function, they now get a chance to enter a security code.
  • Rearranged the customer screen so that when the history is not being shown, several fields are now in the upper right portion of the screen instead of the bottom of the left. This makes them all visible at 800x600 resolution.
  • Added option to disallow customer accumulations for discounted products
  • Re-added the option for the non-HTML (plain text) version of the reorder list report
  • Corrected a date parsing error in the Key To The Web data import.
  • Modified Key To The Web data import function so that you can now edit the raw downloaded data before import if necessary.

Version 7.14

  • Added a button to the serialized inventory screen to print a barcode for a
    serial number, with make/model listed, and optionally notes, store name,
    and date code.
  • Added customer name (and optionally store name and date code) to customer
    barcode label.
  • Triggered a record refresh immediately after doing a "Jump To" (customer,
    repair, or product) to prevent seeing an old version of the record.
  • Triggered a customer record refresh immediately after accumulations are
    updated, so that you can immediately see the new accumulated values.
  • Fixed a problem where after doing a "Move To Enrolled" on the class
    sections screen, it would generate the enrollment confirmation and POS sale
    for the wrong customer.
  • Minor cosmetic fix on repair refresh button.
  • Enhanced small (1.25" x 1") barcode label so that you can now print the
    description and/or store name on it.
  • Added totals line to order check-in report.
  • Changed Special Search->Orders->Containing Certain Item so that the barcode is no longer case sensitive
  • Enhancements to adding an item to an order:
    Made it so that you can now see the cost before entering the qty that you
    want to order.
    * Added warning if you order less than the minimum order quantity.
    * Made it automatically adjust the cost based on the qty ordered if there
    are price breaks at certain qty levels.
  • Enhancements to Auto-Order:
    Made order qty calculation take the minimum order quantity into effect.
    * Made it automatically adjust the cost based on the qty ordered if there
    are price breaks at certain qty levels.

Version 7.13

  • Implemented credit card refunds via PCCharge.
  • Made the credit card "Manual Charge/Credit" function work with PCCharge.
  • Modified the "Import Inventory Count Update" function so that you can
    specify a large number of departments.

Version 7.12

  • Integrated TRS with new credit card authorization software, PCCharge
    Payment Server.
  • Added vendor name and PO number to order check-in report.
  • Added the ability to print the vendor part number on barcode labels (turn
    this on with a check box in POS->Options, Printing tab.
  • Made it so that if you do an EZ Customer Search from the POS screen, if the
    customer's doesn't exist, and you add the customer, when you're done, it
    automatically either starts a POS sale for that new customer, or attaches
    that new customer to the current POS sale.
  • Fixed minor spelling mistake on POS->Options screen.
  • Removed "Invalid Floating Point" error if you left certain fields in the
    New Product screen blank.
  • Removed error message that occurred if you tried to print a barcode that
    had an apostrophe in it.
  • Removed error message that occurred if you used the "Add By Searching"
    button on the Order tab, and entered something with an apostrophe in it.

Version 7.11

  • Moved line count and "Print As Invoice" so that they're visible on the
    screen, even in 800x600 resolution.
  • Fixed a kit creation issue where if you left the barcode number blank, it
    wouldn't prompt to create it as a new product if you had a product with a
    blank barcode in POS Products.
  • Speed improvements to other parts of the software that use the New Product
  • Added "Qty Per Part #" entry field to New Product screen.
  • Changed "Copy Item to New Item" function so that it now uses the New
    Product screen.
  • Improved error handling on New Product screen if you enter a barcode that
    already exists in the system. It now stops you before you exit the New
    Product screen and gives you a chance to change it.

Version 7.10

  • Added support for the new Symbol P460 Phaser inventory scanners.
  • Added the ability to print a POS sale as an 8.5x11 HTML-formatted invoice
    instead of a receipt ("Print As Invoice" checkbox on the POS screen and
    "Reprint As Invoice" button on Review POS screen).
  • Added a line count display to POS screen.
  • Enhanced the "Export Email List For Found Set" function by adding the
    ability to have the email addresses saved one-per-line, instead of a
    comma-separated list.
  • Made it so that when you disable "low stock" and "out of stock" warnings,
    they are disabled on the repair screen as well as the POS screen.
  • Made Accounts/Layaways screen automatically refresh after a POS transaction
    makes a new entry.
  • Added a button to the customer screen that prints out a label containing
    the customer's notes.
  • Made it so that the pole display now displays the total price for the item,
    multiplied by the quantity and including any discount, rather than just the
    unit price.
  • Several enhancements to the "Add New Product" screen:
    * Speed improvements
    * Added drop-down for department name
    * Made the vendor list obey the LISTORDER setting
    * Made it so that the Sources grid automatically refreshes after adding the
    new product.
    * Made it so that if the vendor part# already exists, you can choose to
    associate that vendor data with the new product and update the cost.
    * Added an error message if you enter a part#, but don't select a vendor.
    * Added a warning if you enter a cost without entering a part# and/or
    selecting a vendor.
    * Made it so that if you don't enter a part#, it won't try to add it to
    Vendor Products anyway.
    * Fixed an error message that occurred if the vendor name or part number
    had an apostrophe in it
  • Fixed several order screen refreshing issues that didn't work correctly
    when in search mode or doing a search.
  • Fixed an order screen issue where double-clicking on a linked special order
    would either go to order below the selected order, or display a "List Index
    Out Of Bounds" error.
  • Fixed a problem on the Edit POS Products screen where the checking for an
    empty barcode field (so that it can prompt to automatically generate a
    barcode number) didn't work correctly if the cursor was still in the
    barcode number field when saving the record.
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar would either stop or get hidden
    behind the main window.
  • Fixed an issue on the order check-in screen where the "new qty" column
    would start out incorrect if you started the # received at zero (just a
    cosmetic issue; didn't actually affect the number checked in).
  • Fixed an issue regarding checking in an order where you didn't check in
    some of the items at all. It would not set the Backorder qty in the
    original order (would leave backorder qty at zero) for those items.

Version 7.09

  • Added all POS Products fields to the New Product screen that weren't there
    before (this screen is used in several parts of the program).
  • Made New Product screen available from Edit POS Products (new button under
    the database toolbar). This should be easier to use than the "+" sign for
    adding a new product, as it now adds the product, makes the Vendor Products
    entry, and sets the inventory level all in one step.
  • Now, when starting a POS sale for a customer, it will remind you if that
    customer has a store credit available.
  • Added a warning if you enroll a customer in a class, but don't have their
    phone number on file.
  • Added the ability to transfer all of a section's enrollments and/or waiting
    list to another section of the same class. Useful for Block Of The Month
    programs, and transferring the waiting list when a section is over or
  • Made it so that when you choose "Enter Unlisted Item" from the POS screen
    and choose to add it to your products database, it now makes a FIFO Costs
    entry as well.

Version 7.08

  • Added the ability to create a new serialized sale (on the Sales tab), using
    a lead as a template. Carries over customer, make, model, salesperson,
    price, and tradein. ("New Sale For This Lead" button on Lead screen)
  • Added line count and total quantity to POS receipts. (Activate this from
    POS->Options, Printing Tab)
  • Made it so that if you enter estimate amounts to the Service Requests list
    (from Edit Lists->Repair Service Requests), those estimates will now
    automatically carry over the the repair screen when the appropriate service
    request is selected.
  • New Report: Old Inventory (POS->Reports->Old Inventory)
  • Made and adjustment to the Quickbooks export to allow it to work with
    Quickbooks 2003
  • Made a change to the serialized inventory screen, so that when you select
    "All Makes/Models", it will always group the same makes and models
    together, instead of the items coming up in a random order

Version 7.07

  • Improved inventory adjust feature in Edit POS Products, so that when it
    asks you to select the vendor for the new items, it defaults to the
    preferred vendor.
  • In Profit By Department report, added the option to generate it for major
    department categories (i.e. 100's, 200's, etc.) only, instead of listing
    all of the minor departments.
  • Modified the clerk selection list so that it now obeys the "listorder"
    setting instead of only listing them alphabetically.
  • Put the class unenrollment confirmation warning back in (it was
    accidentally removed in 7.05).
  • Fixed some strange erratic behavior and error messages that were happening
    in some cases in the Edit POS Products screen and the Inventory Summary report.

Version 7.06

  • Converted reorder list to HTML format. Also, added a column for Vendor and
    grouped all items for the same vendor together.
  • Added a new quick What Sold Report (POS->Reports->What Sold?)
  • On the special order screen, if you're in the Show Retail mode, it now
    hides the order total field, so that the customer can't see the wholesale
    total for the special order.
  • Added the ability to automatically print multiple copies of the POS receipt
    (POS->Options, Printing tab).
  • Changed the way that you select date ranges for reports. Now, you are
    presented with graphical calendars, so that you can easily select the date
    range for the report, instead of having to type in the date range by hand.
  • Modified the "Products to reorder" part of the reminders screen, so that
    the number of products more closely matches what will come up on the
    reorder report.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Open Drawer" function on the POS screen, where if
    you made that a protected function, TRS didn't enforce it.


Version 7.05

  • Added column for Price minus Tradein to commission report.
  • Added display of Sale# to serialized sales screen.
  • Added a Jump To Sale# button to the serialized sales screen.
  • Added the ability to attach a completed POS sale to a customer or change the customer.
  • Fixed a problem where if you created a new kit and allowed the system to generate the barcode number, then saved the kit definition, it wouldn't be saved correctly.
  • Made some behind-the-scenes changes to the class un-enroll procedure to make it more reliable

Version 7.04

  • Masked out the "cost" field on the serialized sales screen, and added a "security code-proteceted" button to reveal the cost.
  • Modified the Edit Vendors(Sources) screen so that if you click the "Done" button before saving the last record you were working on, it saves it anyway.
  • Made it so that the "Today" buttons on the Orders screen work, even if in Search mode.
  • Added a "deselect all" button to the list selector screen (used in several parts of the program).
  • Made it so that the new version 7 fields come up in custom reports.
  • Added the ability to restrict the width of the text editor (used for editing class info sheets, footers, etc.) to 40 columns, so that the text will print well on receipt paper without splitting words in half.
  • Added option to make the Epson TM-U200 printer print a "customer's" copy of the credit card receipt with most of the credit card number masked out (note that since this printer doesn't have auto-cut, you'll have to cut/tear the store's copy off yourself.
  • Added the Old Inventory Qty and New Inventory Qty to the order check-in screen and the check-in report.
  • Added new fields to the Vendors screen (Phone, Fax, Email, Web Site, and Contact Person).
  • Fixed an issue where if the order screen was in Search mode, and you tried to start a new special order for a customer, it wouldn't show the new special order on the screen.

Version 7.03

  • Made it so that only actual inventory items will generate "out of stock" warnings.

Version 7.02

  • Disabled the auto-exit when starting a client machine that has not yet been registered, if the server has already been registered.

Version 7.01

  • Removed "Cannot Focus Disabled or Invisible Window..." error message when adding a serialized sale to POS.

Version 7.00

  • Initial Release.
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