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TRS 6 Update Log


Version 6.42

  • Fixed a minor rounding error that occurred in a few very rare cases.

Version 6.41

  • Modified the order check-in procedure so that it does not ask for the barcode number for items for which you left a zero check-in quantity.

Version 6.40

  • Fixed an issue in the "Discount by $ Amount" function where the final amount could be off by a few cents.

Version 6.39

  • Removed an error message that occurred when creating a new inventory item while checking in an order if the vendor name had an apostrophe in it.

Version 6.38

  • When printing mailing labels, added the ability to skip any number of labels. Useful for picking up an aborted label print job where you left off.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding items to an order if the items were just added to the products database, unless you restarted TRS first.

Version 6.37

  • Made some major performances in several places in the program where new records are created, especially functions that cause new products to be added to the database. Previously, when there were a very large number of products in the database, the delay made the computer appear to "freeze".
  • Made some performance improvements on the Orders screen by eliminating the flashing mouse pointer when entering data into fields on the top half of the screen.

Version 6.36

  • Added a "deselect all" button to the list selector screen (used in several parts of the program).

Version 6.35

  • Added the ability to import POS Products and Vendor Products from another TRS database (such as another store). Accessed from the "Inventory" menu.
  • Added the option back to print the customer address on the repair lable (set this in POS->Options).
  • Added the option of printing item discount percentages on receipts as either rounded to the nearest whole percent, or printed exactly as they are (set this in POS->Options).
  • Added a separate option (in POS->Options) for printing the customer's phone number on POS receipts, instead of lumping it in with the address.

Version 6.34

  • New Report: Best Selling items (POS->Reports->Best Sellers).
  • Added new automatic commission calculation for serialized sales (Sales tab). Allows you to specify how commission is calculated (Price, Price minus Tradein,Price minus Cost, or Price minus Cost minus Tradein), as well as the percentage. Set it up in POS->Options, Misc. tab.
  • Added Sale # and Sale Total to commission report for a salesperson. Also, reformatted it to HTML.
  • Fixed password for overring function (it was not being enforced).
  • Corrected wholesale/retail feature added in 6.32, as it was applying to stock orders as well, with no way to go back to wholesale.

Version 6.33

  • (AUSTRALIAN VERSION ONLY) Changed date stored in POS Sale database to match DD/MM/YYYY format used in Australia.

Version 6.32

  • Removed customer's address from repair label, to allow it to fit on 2.25" x .75" labels.
    Added the ability to do an item discount by $ amount (you enter $ amount off, and TRS calculates what percentage that is).
  • Added the option on Special Orders to view the price by either wholesale or retail. Screen by default now shows retail, and there is a button on the screen to switch between wholesale and retail.
  • Fixed a problem where some accounts with a zero balance didn't come up when charging a purchase to a charge account.
  • Fixed a PC Authorize problem where an anonymous sale could end up with another customer's name on the store's copy of the CC receipt.
  • Added the ability to edit records from a Special Search.
  • Removed error message that said, "CUSTID is a required field" when attempting to edit the first customer record in the database immediately after starting TRS.
  • Fixed problem where home phone number was printed as Work Phone on claim check.
  • Added the customer's phone number to receipt when using "Reprint This Receipt" from the Review POS screen.
  • Made it so that you can't suspend a sale if there is no active sale. (Prevents accidentally suspending an empty sale).

Version 6.31

  • Added the option to turn off the black headings on HTML reports. Useful for saving ink on inkjet printers.
  • Made it possible to run TRS on a computer that's logged in as a non-administrator.
    Added a new data format for "Import Inventory Update" (contact support if you think you may need this).
  • Added the ability, when taking a deposit for a machine sale, to deduct the tradein before or after tax when calculating total layaway amount.
  • When adding a machine sale to a POS ticket, and the sale date is not the current date, added a prompt to set the sale date to today.
  • Fixed an occasional problem that caused the department for machine sales to be a random large negative number if there was no department set for that department.

Version 6.30

  • Added the ability to disable the customer accumulations. (POS->Options, Misc. Options tab). This can make finishing a sale even faster.
  • Added work phone to repair claim checks.
  • Made it so that special orders that have been already ordered or received don't come up in EZ Order Link.
  • Removed the "Item not found" error message that occured if you scanned a barcode from the New Item barcode field in Kit Creation.
  • Fixed the position of the item grid on the POS screen (was accidentally moved too far to the left in version 6.29).

Version 6.29

  • Added Wish List (Gift Registry).
  • General speed improvements, ESPECIALLY the delay/freeze before printing the receipt.
  • Made it so that the "Today You Saved" message at the bottom of the receipt doesn't print if the amount saved is zero.
  • Improvements to the "Import Inventory Update" function for the Portable Data Terminals:
    Made it so that you have a choice of whether subsequent scans of the same product should be added together, or if the last scan should override all previous scans.
    Added the option to tell it that you scanned an entire department or several departments, and have it zero out the inventory of any items in those departments that weren't scanned.
  • Enhanced the Kit Creation feature: Added the option to print barcodes automatically for the kit after it's created.
  • Changed the Quick Search feature in Edit POS Products so that the search results come up in alphabetical order by description.
  • Modified the Repair To-Do report so that after sorting by Date In or Date Completed, the repairs within each date are in Repair# order.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong sale number to be printed on the receipt in certain situations.
  • Modified the E-Z Customer Search from the POS screen to bring up names in alphabetical order, like it does from the Customers screen.

Version 6.28

  • Made it so that inventory levels can go negative. Click Herefor more info about this.
  • Modified the Edit Specials screen so that you can use the Enter key on the keyboard to move between fields in the grids.
  • Made it so that when you use the "New Repair for This Machine" function from the Sales screen, it uses the customer on the sales record, rather than the customer that's on the Customer screen at the time.

Version 6.27

  • Made some behind-the-scenes improvements in the Stock Turnover report. Eliminated long scrolling through the products when doing it from the POS Products screen. Also eliminated some erronious error messages.
  • Made it so that when you select the vendor for an order, it automatically fills in the terms, even if it's not an auto-order.
  • Made is so that when you're checking in an order that contains items without barcodes, you can have it automatically generate barcode numbers.
  • Added machine serial number to description when adding a repair to a POS ticket.
  • Made the "Add By Searching" function (on the POS screen) and the "Search For an Item" function (on the Order screen) results come up in alphabetical order by description.

Version 6.26

  • Major speed improvement on "Import Vendor Products" function.
  • Added ability to import POS products as well (part of Import Vendor Products function).
  • Made it so that the default tax rates on the Sales and Repairs screens include Tax2 and Tax3 as well (if they are used).
  • Made it so that refunding class enrollment fees also refunds the tax (if classes are taxable).
  • Fixed a problem where double-clicking on a POS sale from a customer's history didn't work if the Review POS screen was in the Search mode.
  • Added customer number to account printout.
  • Made it so that when doing an account transaction (layaway, charge, credit) from the POS screen, it fills in the notes with the designation that it was a POS sale, and the date.
  • Added "Checked In By" to repair claim check.
  • Made it so that on the Serialized Inventory screen, the models drop down list comes up in LISTORDER order, then alphabetically.

Version 6.25

  • Added "Today you saved..." message to receipt.
  • Added customer phone number to receipt.
  • Added totals to "List Found Set" from Review POS.
  • Added new HTML format for Cash Accountability Report.
  • Added the ability to print from the Drawer Balances screen.
  • Added the ability to credit to a store charge account when doing Process Refund.
  • Made it so that when new people are enrolled in a class or added to the waiting list, they are always added to the end of the list.
  • Fixed a problem where having multiple part numbers for the same product for the same vendor would cause the numbers in Profit By Department to be too high.

Version 6.24

  • Added the option when using "Enter Reordered Products" to edit the item that you've just checked in.
  • Fixed a problem where receipts printed between noon and 1:00pm would print "AM" instead of "PM".
  • Another speed improvement to eliminate delay before receipt is printed.

Version 6.23

  • Added logging for mass edits.
  • Added logging for removing people from class waiting list.
  • Improvements to log viewer.
  • Fixed problem where you were able to cancel class unenrollment logging by cancelling clerk selection.
  • Fixed the problem that caused the first sale after starting TRS to be very slow to print the receipt.
  • Improved the speed of navigation in Review POS.

Version 6.22

  • Added the ability to print out drop-down lists from the Edit Lists functions.
  • Moved Grand Total on repair invoices over to the right, so that it's lined up with the other values.
  • Fixed the item selection screen (from "Add By Searching" on the order screen) so that the columns are the right width.
  • Improved the "List Found Set" function
    • Changed from plain text to HTML format for those that were still text.
    • Added the ability to select which fields are on the report for most databases.
    • Made all fields available for most databases.
  • Fixed the column headers on the printout from the order check-in screen.
  • Fixed the enrollment count on the sections screen so that it never counts the people on the waiting list.
  • Made it so that when ringing up a special order, it asks whether or not you want to set the Date Picked Up to the current date.
  • Modified the Auto-Order function so that it never adds items with zero quantities. (This often happened with rounding quantities down).

Version 6.21

  • Added price and cost to order check-in screen.
  • Added the ability to apply a compound discount to the items in a sale.
  • Added an option for Auto-Order to allow adding products to the order if they are available from the order's vendor, even if it's not the preferred vendor.
  • Removed the blank feeding lines from the non-40-column repair invoice to eliminate wasted paper.
  • Made it so that choosing a tender type and leaving it blank for the exact amount works correctly, even if you don't hit Total first.
  • Fixed a problem where if you tried to delete a class, and there's a password to do so, and you entered the worng password, it would delete the class anyway.
  • Modified the E-Z Customer Search so that when searching by last name, it will show the list of matches sorted by last name then first name, rather than just first name.

Version 6.20

  • Added a feature for special hidden functions that may be needed from time to time (not of interest to most users at this time).

Version 6.19

  • Fixed a problem in Edit POS Products where double-clicking on a line under "Sources" gave an error, "ProductTable: Record not found."
  • Fixed a problem in the "Take Deposit" function on the Sales screen, where the default amount of the deposit was extremely high.
  • Fixed the "Profit By Department" report so that the last category is also subtotaled.
  • Fixed a problem where aborting the clerk logon when recalling a suspended sale or ringing up a special order would cause strange results.
  • Removed "Key Violation" error message that occurred when adding the part # and cost from the Edit POS Products screen, and the part # already existed. Replaced with a more meaningful error message, and added the option to associate the existing Vendor Product entry with this POS Product.
  • Added logging for class enrollments and un-enrollments. Added beginning of log viewer.

Version 6.18

  • Added the ability to merge two customers' histories into one (Maintenance->Merge Two Customers).
  • Added a feature to create custom query reports that will print out the results of any SQL Select statement in an HTML table. (File->Custom Query Report).
  • Added "Save" and "Load" commands on manual SQL screen (for both Manual SQL Update and Custom Query Report) so that you can save queries to a file.
  • Disabled the button to reprint an old receipt from the Review POS screen when a POS sale is active, because the receipt printing was interfering with the active sale.
  • Fixed a problem where if you scanned/entered a barcode number for a product in the wrong (upper/lower) case, but it found it anyway, it would be entered into the sale, but the inventory would not be updated.

Version 6.17

  • Added Inactive to customer searches.
  • Changed font color for In-Store Notes on section screen to red bold, so that they stand out more.
  • Added the ability to check other stores' stock levels if a connection has been created for them.
  • Re-added ability to double click on a POS Sale on customer screen to go directly to it (it was accidentally disabled in 6.16).
  • Fixed a problem where (in 800x600 resolution) clicking on (or tabbing to) a customer field that was toward the bottom of the screen caused the screen to jump back up to the top, putting the field out of site again.
  • Added an option to "List of all classes/sections offered" to not show classes with no current sections.
  • Changed the search of customers by amount spent so that the customers come up in the order of the amount spent, from greatest to least.
  • Added the ability, when entering dates on data entry screens, to enter only the month and day (as 4 digits without slashes, i.e. 0819). The year is automatically assumed as the current year.

Version 6.16

  • Added new customer fields to searches.
  • Added a debug mode to help track down reported problems.
  • Added a Layaway/Account footer that prints when you use the "Print Account" button on the accounts screen.
  • Added a progress bar for opening the database tables when starting the software.
  • Made it so that you can resize the different parts of the Show History area by dragging the larger or smaller.
  • Made (non-40-column) print in one column instead of two, so that it can print the complete description for each part/labor item.
  • Fix an intermittent "Record Not Found" error that occured when enrolling a customer in a class.
  • Greatly improved speed when adding a new item to POS Products from the Vendor Products screen.
  • Changed the way that Sale Discounts work. Click Here for more details.

Version 6.15

  • Added ability to copy a class section to a new section, with all of the same details.
  • Made it so that when you use the "New Repair for This Machine" from the Repair screen, it uses the customer from the current repair instead of the one on the customer screen.
  • Made it so that you can use auto barcode generation when adding a new product from a search.
  • Made it so that you can use "Add/Edit in POS" from a search.
  • Corrected some strange behavior that could occur when performing certain functions from a search on POS Products or Vendor Products.

Version 6.14

  • Added ability to auto-generate barcode numbers when adding a new product from other screens (not just the Edit POS Products screen).
  • Made it so that fractional item discounts don't show rounded off on the POS screen.
  • Added the new POS Product fields (In-Store Notes, Accumulations, and Location) to the Quick and Complex Searches, as well as Mass Edit.
  • Added Accessories Checked In to Repair Invoice.
  • Made it so that you can set which taxes are checked by default when creating a new item.
  • Made it so that Special Order Date is automatically filled in with the current date when creating a new special order.
  • Made the "Ring Up Sale" button on Orders screen also automatically set the Date Picked Up field to the current date.
  • Made it so that the customer "Inactive" checkbox is automatically unchecked when a customer has new activity (this option can be turned off).

Version 6.13

  • Added order check-in report.
  • Fixed problem where Special Searches->Orders->Layaway Accounts with Money In Them brought up some accounts with no money in them.
  • Fixed problem where doing an E-Z Customer Search from the POS screen, then adding a "not found" customer, sometimes didn't go to the new customer.
  • Got rid of "Dataset not in edit or insert mode" error that sometimes happened if you switched to another tab while entering a new record, then answered "No" to "Save this..." question.

Version 6.12

  • Major speed improvements for classes.
  • Added ability to select which taxes apply to serialized items added to POS from Sales screen.

Version 6.11

  • Moved text up slightly on repair label.
  • Added option to increase size of text on Eltron/Zebra mailing labels to 12 points.
  • Fixed columns on "list found set" for layaways.
  • Added an option to set a horizontal offset for Eltron/Zebra labels.
  • On "Import Inventory Update", added the ability to print the variance report before performing the update.
  • Made it so that when doing "Import Inventory Update", it displays an error in the grid instead of ignoring products that aren't in the system.
  • Added hourglass mouse cursor when the database is working (running searches, refreshing, etc.), so that it doesn't look like it's frozen.

Version 6.10

  • R emoved error mesage that occurred when doing a customer special search.
  • Made it so that Fast Zip Lookup works when editing a customer.
  • Fixed it so that when entering an unlisted item, and adding it to POS Products, when you tab down to the description line, it goes to the first line, instead of the second line.

Version 6.09

  • Removed "Cannot perform operation on closed dataset" error mesage that sometimes occurred when saving a sale.
  • Made "Add part # and cost for this vendor" function much faster.
  • Made it so that you can enter "Special Order Date" without the slashes.
  • Made it so that when adding a new record from search mode, you can enter dates without slashes (all databases).
  • Added a warning if you enter a large quantity after scanning a repair part (such as accidentally scanning another barcode for the quantity).
  • Added new special search: Special orders not picked up.
  • Added an option to allow non-case-sensitive scanning of barcodes. Turn this option on under POS->Options->Inventory.

Version 6.08

  • Fixed problem where store # 4's registration disk wouldn't work.
  • Removed "Serial Query Record Not Found" error message that occurred when selling the very last of a serialized item.

Version 6.07

  • More speed improvements, particularly scrolling through records.
  • Added current inventory count to Stock Turnover Report.
  • Made it so that when adding a new product when checking in an order, it gives you the opportunity to print barcode labels for that item at that time.

Version 6.06

  • Made it so that when selecting a model on the Sales screen, it will automatically fill in the price if it is set up in the POS Products database, and price has not already been filled in.
  • Added scrollbar to Repair screen.
  • Fixed a bug where default "shared file location" incorrectly included a filename.

Version 6.05

  • Added ability to do take a fast deposit from the Sales or Repair tab.
  • Added feature to start a new repair from another repair and automatically fill in the make, model, and serial number.
  • Major speed improvement when selecting a customer from the list after doing an E-Z Customer Search.
  • Added ability to turn off refreshing of data each time you switch between tabs, which eliminates the delay that may occur (set this option in Edit->Preferences).

Version 6.04

  • Added support for inventory adjustment with portable data terminal.

Version 6.03

  • Made final fix to storing sale data incorrectly.
  • Made it so that you cannot get past an error message box without acknowledging it.

Version 6.02

  • Fixed some error messages that occurred when trying to search on some databases that had new fields.
  • Made it possible to add/delete directly from searches.
  • Added default values to new fields.
  • Fixed problem where "Total" key on Preh POS Keyboard did not trigger product pop-up messages.

Version 6.01

  • Fixed initial problem with subtotal, total and tax not storing correctly on Review POS screen and reports.
  • Fixed problem where last line on POS screen wasn't completely visible at 800x600 screen resolution
  • Added ability to print accumulation messages at the bottom of receipts.

Version 6.00

  • Initial Release.
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