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JMM has teamed with OpenEdge to offer you an integrated solution that provides one resource for everything your business needs to process credit card payments.

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TRS11 Update Log

Version 11.20

New Features in 11.20

  • Added support for monthly licensing.
  • Added “Sort by Cost” and “Sort by Serial Number” buttons to the Serialized Inventory tab.
  • Added a prompt to exclude customers missing an address, city or state when printing mailing labels.
  • Added a function to export SVP warranty details.
  • Added the ability to include multiple SQL queries on the same report.
  • Made the Start Remote Support Session feature (on the TRS Internet menu) easier to use.
  • Add the ability to automatically run one or more SQL queries upon TRS startup.
  • Added integration to OpenEdge EdgeLink/XCharge credit card processing platform.

Fixes in 11.20

  • Starting a POS sale by clicking "Cutting Table" now prompts for POS Category (when the function is used).
  • Removed obsolete Discount% field from Review POS searches.
  • Changed the Reorder List report so the sorting by vendor name is not case sensitive.
  • Fixed a problem where ECIM was not updating classes if a Class Section had been edited twice before the update.
  • Repair Claim Checks no longer removes blank lines when printed.
  • De-kitting a kit with an apostrophe in the barcode no longer causes an error.
  • Innovo processing no longer attempts to void debit card transactions (because voiding debit transactions is not possible anyway).

Version 11.19

New Features in 11.19

  • Made the window and grid displayed larger when you click “Search for Item” on the Point of Sale screen.
  • RS-generated files (such as logs and temporary files) will now save to the user’s temp directory.
  • Added a field for Digital Signage Advertising Frequency to Edit POS Products screen, plus the searches and Mass Edit.
  • Added support for secondary customer display application used by some computers.
  • Added the ability to import inventory batches from Orson Inventory tablet app.
  • Now prompts before deleting a model in the Models List Editor.

Fixes in 11.19

  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, "Inventory Change" log entries were being made for products on a POS sale that are not inventory items.
  • Fixed an issue where extraneous log entries were getting modified each time a new product was added.
  • Fixed a problem where the first letters of “Credit” and “Misc.” were being dropped on the Cash Accountability report.
  • Fixed an issue where the Company Name was not printing on Repair claim checks under certain circumstances.
  • TRS-generated files (such as logs and temporary files) will now save to the user’s temp directory.
  • Fixed an issue where inventory quantities were updating incorrectly in some cases when saving a change in Edit POS Products on multiple computers at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Item Receiving log was not using the Continuous Login ID.
  • Fixed a problem where adding items to an Order in a multi-store environment caused an error.
  • For stores with multi-locations, the Paid Cost in reports will now only reflect the average cost the for the store that the report is being run for, rather than all stores.
  • Purchase Orders sent via Electronic Format 1 now sort correctly.

Version 11.18 (was not released)

Version 11.17

New Features in 11.17

  • Enhancement to allow Orson to retrieve registered business name and address.

Fixes in 11.17

  • Fixed a problem where TRS was not showing a "Declined" message for PayPros declined transactions.

Version 11.16

New Features in 11.16

  • Added the “On Web” field to the Sections tab to integrate with ECIM (E-Commerce Integration Module).
  • Various database enhancements for ECIM (E-Commerce Integration Module) program.
  • Transactions on the Accounts/Layaways tab are now displayed in date order.

Fixes in 11.16

  • Fixed an error message that occurred when attempting to edit a product after doing a Quick Search with no parameters.
  • Fixed a problem where the Best Seller’s Report was calculating the item counts incorrectly for multi-store businesses using the replicator.
  • Fixed an issue where Gift Cards earned as a reward were displaying on the Unlisted Items report.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred on the Orders tab when using Required Fields and the Auto-Order feature.  Now prompts you to enter any required fields instead of giving an error.

Version 11.15

New Features in 11.15

  • Added the ability to use the Orson Cutting Table App with Kit Creation.
  • Added Support Use Only option to Maintenance menu.

Fixes in 11.15

  • Must now save an Order before sending it electronically to fix problem where it wasn’t setting the Order Date correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where the Rental cost was incorrect on POS ticket.
  • Fixed a problem where imported ECIM sales were not appearing in reports.
  • Debit card receipts no longer print as credit card receipts when using PCCharge.
  • Fixed a problem where over-ringing/restoring over-ring for Special Orders was adjusting inventory when it should not.
  • Reorder List no longer prints scientific notation in the Should Order column.
  • Customer Reward accumulations no longer base Trade-ins on Unlisted Items – added “Subtract Trade-Ins from Accumulations” option on POS>Options>Accumulations tab.
  • Changed Inventory>Edit POS Products so you can no longer use “Add Part#/Cost for this Vendor” button if the Preferred Vendor is blank.

Version 11.14

New Features in 11.14

  • Added a line item to transactions where a reward gift card was issued to specify the gift card number.
  • Made the tab key work on Edit Specials screen like other edit screens where it can tab from field to field and add a new row.
  • New “Add Photos” button on Edit POS Products screen to add images of inventory items.
  • If there are multiple photos for a product, they will all display when the “Show Photos” button is clicked.
  • Made changes in TRS to allow it to work with the new Ecommerce Integration Module (ECIM).
  • Deactivated the Cancel button on the credit card authorization screen once the transaction has been sent to PCCharge or the processor, in order to prevent the situation where a card is approved, but TRS does not record it as such.
  • Changed the “Print Account” format for store accounts to specify “Amount You Owe” for store charges and “Credit Balance” for store credits instead of simply “Account Balance” and removed minus sign on store charge balances, to reduce confusion.
  • Made it so Serialized Inventory list will only print the cost if the cost column is displayed on the screen.
  • Added direct integration for PayPros credit card processing.  Eliminates the need for PCCharge if processing with PayPros (formerly PPI).
  • Added feature to recall cutting table barcode solution ticket created by Orson Cutting Table app.
  • Changed default for Edit>Preferences "Disable SQL Mouse Pointer" to On for new installations.

Fixes in 11.14

  • Pressing the down arrow on Orders grid no longer adds new lines.
  • Made the EZ Customer Search results box larger to eliminate scrollbars.
  • Fixed Reminders screen “Products to Reorder” count where it was including products with a negative number in Warning Level.
  • Fixed a problem where the initial, single row added to an Edit List could not be deleted.
  • Fixed a problem where previous account balance was displayed on POS sale transaction description instead of the new balance when entering a payment to a charge account.
  • Fixed a problem where when importing a sale from a TRS export, if an item was returned, inventory was adjusted incorrectly.
  • Fixed a problem where when importing a sale from a TRS export, if an item was a Special Order it reduced the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue for areas where classes are taxable, where customer tax exempt status was not being applied to classes.
  • Made it so that if you are not on a valid product, and click the "Copy Item to New Item" button, it now gives you an error message instead of continuing with creating a new product. 
  • Made a change to eliminate "Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset" in certain situations.
  • Fixed the problem where Easy Service items were not impacting Inventory.
  • Fixed a problem where, in certain circumstances, clicking on “Select From List” on the Sales screen caused TRS to crash.
  • Fixed a problem where log entries were not being made.
  • For multi-store users, double clicking on Special Order from Customer History now always accesses the right order.
  • Fixed an error when enrolling student in class with a time included in the Start/End Date fields.
  • Fixed a problem where if a POS sale had a “Sale Discount” and a new customer was selected using “EZ Customer Search” the sale discount was incorrectly retained.
  • Fixed a problem where ringing a new sale after Over-ringing/Re-ringing a sale from a prior date and suspending it, putting it on layaway or cancelling it, assigned the new sale to the prior date.
  • When checking in/receiving  stock for a new item that did not have a barcode on the order and was marked to print barcode label, the barcode will now print if “Yes” was answered when prompted to print labels for all marked.

Version 11.13

New Features in 11.13

  • Can now email Rental past due reminders.
  • Added an option to disable the SQL mouse pointer to fix the long delay on computers using Intel HD video adapters.
  • Improved error handling when storing a POS sale to the database.
  • Added an option to turn off the auto-fit to width of window on the POS items grid.
  • Added the Average Sale Amount by Day report.

Fixes in 11.13

  • The "For this Customer Enter New" buttons on the Customers screen now retain their shape after resizing them with the Screen Designer.
  • Fixed a problem in Easy Service where non-discountable items were getting random discounts.
  • The description populated by the Select button for Options/Notes in Easy Service no longer adds a blank line to field.
  • Fixed an error message that would occur if you tried to send emails after saving a report.
  • Manual transactions on existing Gift Cards now prompt whether it is for a free reward.
  • Fixed a problem where the Item History Report would not include inventory changes made by other stores.
  • Item History Report no longer shows log entries from all stores' inventory.
  • Fixed the problem of an incorrect message displaying when adding a new Model in the List Editor.
  • Making a change in the Models List Editor now updates all modules, not just Rentals.
  • Removed scrollbars from several list editor screens.
  • Fixed an issue with updating the database from older versions of TRS11 that would cause the database to grow to very large sizes.
  • Fixed a special function code to import class info sheets from very old versions of TRS (for support use only).
  • CTRL keys now work on the Orders screen.
  • Fixed a problem with security for Add, Edit and Delete Orders.
  • Adding multiple parts with no associated barcode on an Order no longer results in an error message.
  • Fixed a problem where processing a charge through PC Charge with sales tax greater than $1000 resulted in an error.
  • Added code to resolve "CUSTTABLE Dataset not in edit or insert mode" error that sometimes occurred at the end of a sale when a customer reward is earned.
  • Custom tax labels containing an apostrophe no longer result in an error message when ringing up a sale in POS.
  • Added a message warning that custom taxes will not be set correctly if you change a POS ticket to charge a custom tax rate after items have already been entered on the ticket.
  • No longer get an error message when viewing Past Due Rentals from the Reminders window.
  • Fixed a problem where, in some cases, rental late fees were calculated incorrectly.
  • The Model and Period fields now display correctly on the Rentals screen.
  • Can now hover over the repair labor description on Repairs screen and the whole description displays.
  • Fixed "Type Mismatch" error that occurred when sending a repair pickup reminder if parts or labor estimates were blank.
  • Overringing a sale in Review POS when the Disable Customer Accumulations function is on no longer results in an error message.
  • Restoring an overrung sale on Review POS no longer results in an error message if customer accumulations are disabled.
  • Removed "Authorize New User" option from the File menu because it is not needed.
  • Fixed a problem where, in some cases, payments on accounts were assigned to the wrong customer.
  • Fixed a problem where some returns caused the sales tax and liability columns on the Cash Accountability report to be incorrect.

Version 11.12

New Features in 11.12

  • Check-in screen now always displays two decimal places in the price and cost fields.
  • Can now print custom sized shipping labels on Zebra label printer.

Fixes in 11.12

  • Part# is now required when adding a vendor from Inventory>Edit POS Products.
  • The Item ID/Barcode field for Add New Button on Quick Pick is no longer case-sensitive.
  • Fixed a problem with the list order indicated in Edit Lists displaying incorrectly in drop-down lists.
  • For users with multiple stores, the Sales Summary report now works correctly.
  • For users with multiple stores, the source quantity is no longer truncated when transferring inventory between stores.
  • An error message now displays when the Gift Card Manager>Jump to Give Card doesn’t find the card.
  • Barcode 0 is no longer included on the Best Sellers report.
  • Easy Service claim check now prints the correct footer.
  • Service # now prints on plain-text (non-HTML) Easy Service invoices.
  • Fixed the problem where changing the vendor in Edit POS Products>Mass Edit set them to blank instead of to the desired vendor.
  • Fixed a problem with linking orders when the vendor had an apostrophe in the name.
  • Fixed a problem with importing vendor products if the Default Warning and/or Default Wanted Levels were blank.
  • Made it so the manual credit card functions work with PC Charge 5.10.0.
  • Revised the error message that displays when you attempt to edit a customer after running certain Special Searches for Customers.
  • Fixed a problem in Complex Search when there was an apostrophe in the search string.
  • Fixed a problem in Easy Service where Complex Search was using Promise Date when Date Picked Up had been selected.
  • The accumulations for Classes, Repair Parts/Labor, Rental Fees and Unlisted Items are now working correctly for Over-rung and Restored POS transactions.
  • In Inventory>Edit POS Products, selecting Search in View Options then Quick or Complex search no longer displays an error message.
  • When increasing the inventory amount in Inventory>Edit POS Products the “Deselect All” button now works for the Vendor selection and if it is used, the vendor in the FIFO record is set to Unknown.
  • The Edit Lists>Zip Codes editor no longer allows a blank row to be added.
  • Fixed a problem in Inventory>Edit POS Products>Mass Edit where you could not change the check boxes to gray.
  • Fixed a problem where custom tax was not being calculated in a re-rung POS sale.
  • When “No” is selected for the confirmation prompt in Review POS>Restore this Sale, the prompt to update inventory is no longer displayed.
  • Fixed an issue in special orders where "Master Order" field was not always refreshed correctly when scrolling between orders.
  • The Edit Lists>Vendors window (in Windows 7) no longer contains unnecessary scroll bars.
  • When editing FIFO Costs, it now updates the cost in any past inventory change logs.
  • If a POS sale is not completely stored in the database for some reason, TRS now writes the sale details to a text file to help with correcting the sale later.

Version 11.11

Fixes in 11.11

  • Fixed a problem where cash back on debit card transactions was incorrectly being reported to PC Charge as tax instead of cash back.
  • Fixed the Receive Items/Check In function in Orders so the “prodonweb not found” error no longer occurs when adding a new product.
  • Creating a new kit no longer generates the “Field PRODONWEB Not Found” error.
  • TRS now offers an option to register with a permanent license if a temporary license expires.

Version 11.10

New Features in 11.10

  • Added the On Web check box to the New Product screen and to the list of defaults in POS>Options>Inventory.
  • TRS now records the TRS version number in the database for POS sales.
  • Class Waiting List now sorts/displays by the # column (the order they were added to the list).
  • Added the Store # field to “Quick Search” in Review POS.
  • Added the Account Balance field to the Layaways screen.
  • Class Waiting List now sorts/displays by the # column (the order they were added to the list).
  • Added the Store # field to “Quick Search” in Review POS.
  • Added the “Don’t Auto Refresh Total” button to the Orders screen.
  • Added an option to turn off the prompt for missing email address for Serialized Sales, Repairs, Classes, Accounts/Layaways, Services and Rentals.

Fixes in 11.10

  • Fixed a problem with the Australian date conversion when putting an item on sale.
  • Fixed a problem where items set with a specific list order in Edit Lists were not displaying in the correct order.
  • Fixed the token unknown error that occurred when running Reports>Sales>Sales report by Salesperson for a salesperson with an apostrophe in their name.
  • Fixed a problem where Reports>List Found Set always listed a layaway account balance as the full layaway amount instead of the actual balance due.
  • The “Paid?” check box on a special order can now be edited.
  • If a barcode contains an apostrophe, the token unknown error no longer displays when ordering items or running the POS>Reports>Re-Order List.
  • On the Orders screen, the “Edit” button is no longer inaccessible (grayed out) after a complex search.
  • Fixed the problem where the FIFO cost adjustment entry was zero for parts deleted from a Repair ticket.
  • Fixed the arithmetic overflow error that occurred when importing sales into TRS containing line items with a quantity of zero.
  • Fixed the problem where importing over-rung sales adjusted inventory.
  • Floating point value error no longer occurs when deleting a line item from an order.
  • Clicking on the grid column headings on the Sections screen no longer makes the headings disappear.
  • Inventory>Import from Another TRS Database no longer returns an error message.

Version 11.09

New Features in 11.09

  • In POS>View/Change Drawer Balances, include a category total for Credit Card and Misc tender types, as well as a detailed breakdown when using detailed tender types.

Fixes in 11.09

  • Using the Options/Notes “Select” button in Easy Service no longer overrides (erases) any existing text.
  • Fixed a problem with the Australian date conversion when using Customer Rewards with a Discount reward type.
  • Fixed a problem with the Australian date conversion when re-ringing a sale.
  • In Repairs, corrected the drop-down options menu for “Email Pickup Reminder” to display “This Repair” and moved it so it displays beside that button.
  • For users with multiple stores, fixed it so gift card transactions do no get written to outgoing queue when replication is turned off.
  • For users with multiple stores, fixed a problem where "Custom Tax" and "On Web" didn't get updated when updating all stores.

Version 11.08

New Features in 11.08

  • Added the ability to show or hide charge accounts with zero balances when accessed from POS.
  • When checking inventory in Inventory>Check Inventory the price now displays.

Fixes in 11.08

  • Recalling suspended sales with a grand total of $0 no longer finishes the sale.
  • Fixed a problem where the buttons did not display on several print-out windows.
  • Linking an order to a master order no longer jumps to a random order.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to edit field values for line items on a special order made the cursor jump to the "#" field.
  • Deleting a kit from Kit Manager no longer deletes the item from POS Products.
  • Fixed a problem where retail pricing on special orders could not be edited.
  • Fixed the problem of Maintenance>Undelete>Class Section or Entire Class not working.
  • Fixed a problem where creating a kit in Inventory>Kit Manager was using an incorrect FIFO cost.
  • On the Orders screen, a message to save the order now displays when trying to use Auto-Order while in edit mode.

Version 11.07

Fixes in 11.07

  • Fixed an issue where detailed tender types could not be set to zero in the View/Change Drawer Balances screen.
  • Fixed the Date Encoding on barcode labels so it will now use the character encoding set in POS->Options.
  • Fixed the "Column Unknown" error when doing a mass edit in Vendor Produts.

Version 11.06

Fixes in 11.06

  • Fixed an issue with the "Customers>Special Searches>Whose Email Has Changed" report where it wouldn't find customers whose email had changed on the last day of the date range selected.
  • Fixed an issue where gift cards that were given as rewards weren't being marked as "free rewards" cards if the reward was triggered by customer accumulations.
  • Fixed an error message that occurred if you did an E-Z Customer Search and entered a last name containing an apostrophe.
  • Fixed the "Column Unknown" error when doing a Mass Edit in POS Products. 

Version 11.05

Fixes in 11.05

  • Fixed an issue where some settings were not reading correctly into TRS.
  • Fixed a problem where the totals row was misaligned on the Profit by Department report, appearing to display incorrect totals.

Version 11.04

Fixes in 11.04

  • Fixed an error message when attempting to export a Review POS screen design.
  • Fixed an error message when trying to add an item to a customer's wish list.
  • Enlarged the Custom Query Report and Manual SQL Update windows so that the buttons are visible without having to scroll.

Version 11.03

Fixes in 11.03
  • Fixed issue where if you tried to add an account transaction to a POS
    Sale before adding any regular items to the sale, it would immediately
    finish the sale.
  • Fixed issue with De-Kit feature where it would sometimes put an
    incorrect quantity back into stock for the component items.
  • Made the Kit Manager screen refresh the list of Quantities On-Hand for
    the kits after doing a De-Kit.
  • Removed the "Is this a Free Reward Card?" prompt when selling a gift
    card.  It now only asks that question if you are manually activating a
    gift card.

Version 11.02

Fixes in 11.02

  • (Install Issue) Fixed issue where registering TRS11 made a change to
    the database that interfered with converting data from TRS9 and TRS10.

Version 11.01

Fixes in 11.01

  • (Install Issue) Fixed problem with Windows 7 where a new blank
    database was not getting created when TRS was first run after

Version 11.00

Initial Release

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