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Credit Card Processing with OpenEdge


JMM has teamed with OpenEdge to offer you an integrated solution that provides one resource for everything your business needs to process credit card payments.

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TRS11 Available

New Modules: Easy Service and Repairs, Unlimited Tax Rates, User-defined Required Fields, Kit Manager and more...

TRS11 - Improvements

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Updates to Previous Versions of TRS

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Upcoming Shows

Bernina University
July 9-12, 2015
Scottsdale, AZ

Janome Institute
August 19-22, 2015
San Antonio, TX

Baby Lock Tech
Aug 30-Sept 1, 2015
St. Luis, MO

October 5-8, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

Quilt Market
October 24-26, 2015
Houston, TX

January 28-30, 2016
Las Vegas, NV




TRS11 Enhancements & Changes


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New Modules

  • Easy Service - a new module (a simplified version of the Repairs module) where you can track services such as longarm quilting, tailoring and alterations, photography or photo processing.
  • Rentals – a new module that provides a straight-forward way to track items you rent, such as sewing machines, carpet shampooers, time on a longarm or camera equipment.
  • Custom tax rates add the ability to create an unlimited number of tax rates.
  • Accumulate rewards based on Classes, Repair Parts, Repair Labor, Rental Fees, and/or Unlisted Items.
  • Address field now allows multiple lines.
  • Four new Spare checkboxes on the Customer screen.
  • Keytag number now displays on the screen.
  • Print custom sized shipping labels on Zebra label printer.
  • The "For this Customer Enter New" buttons retain their shape after resizing them with the Screen Designer.
  • Detailed tender types for credit cards and miscellaneous tender.
  • Prompts for missing email and/or phone number when starting a POS sale.
  • New columns display whether each sales tax rate is in use for each line item.
  • Sales may be designated as tax exempt on any POS ticket.
  • Added the Tax Exempt Status display.
  • Current sales total is pre-filled as the amount to pay when applying a store credit to a sale.
  • Now prompts at a scanning error so the next scan doesn’t clear it.
  • Date is retained when re-ringing a sale from Review POS.
  • Show or hide charge accounts with zero balances when accessed from POS.
  • Store # field available for “Quick Search” in Review POS.
  • Adds a line item with the gift card number to transactions where a reward gift card was issued.
  • Recalls cutting table barcode solution ticket created by Orson Cutting Table app.
  • Made the window and grid displayed larger when you click “Search for Item” on the Point of Sale screen.
  • Added support for secondary customer display application used by some computers.
  • The Kit Manager makes it easy to add, modify, de-kit, print and delete kits.
  • Inventory may be adjusted as of a prior date.
  • New adjustment definitions (defective and return to vendor) were added.
  • Adjustments list is more intuitive when changing product quantities depending on whether the adjustment is an increase or decrease.
  • Price is displayed in the Check Inventory feature.
  • On Web check box on the New Product screen and the list of defaults in POS>Options>Inventory.
  • New “Add Photos” button on Edit POS Products screen to easily add images of inventory items.
  • Multiple product photos allowed. “Show Photos” button displays all available.
  • Added the ability to use the Orson Cutting Table App with Kit Creation.
  • Added the ability to import inventory batches from Orson Inventory tablet app.
  • Added Repair # to the “Repair Ready for Pickup” popup reminder.
  • Added “Next Follow-up Date” to Quick and Complex Search.
  Classes & Sections  
  • Added “Only classes with current sections” to Quick Search for Classes.
  • New button to display “Upcoming Class List” on the Classes and the Sections screens.
  • New button to “Go to this class” on the Sections screen.
  • Added the “Notes” field to Quick Search/Complex Search for Sections.
  • Warns if enrolling a customer in a class that has already started or ended.
  • Upon un-enrollment, does not prompt to refund class fee if no fee was paid.
  • Waiting List sorts/displays in the order they were added to the list.
  • Added the “On Web” field to the Sections tab to integrate with ECIM (E-Commerce Integration Module).
  • When checking in an order, permanently change the price in POS Products and/or the cost in Vendor Products.
  • Scan products throughout your store to create purchase orders with the portable scanner.
  • Vendor Order # and Vendor Invoice # may be entered for each order.
  • Part number entry on orders is no longer case sensitive.
  • Each item added to the order scrolls to the bottom of the list.
  • Warns if there are duplicate items on orders.
  • Set barcode label size from order Check-in screen.
  • Click column headings to sort the items list.
  Serialized Inventory  
  • Adjustments list is more intuitive depending on whether the adjustment is an increase or decrease.
  • Default reason for new serial numbers is Inventory Purchase.
  • Serialized Inventory list only prints the cost if Cost column is displayed on the screen.
  • Added “Sort by Cost” and “Sort by Serial Number” buttons.
  Accounts & Layaways  
  • Account Balance field added to the Layaways screen.
  • Changed the “Print Account” format for store accounts to specify “Amount You Owe” for store charges and “Credit Balance” for store credits instead of simply “Account Balance” and removed minus sign on store charge balances, to reduce confusion.
  • Transactions on this tab are now displayed in date order.
  Searches & Reports  
  • New Special Searches:
    - Who has taken a particular class?
    - Who has a machine not recently serviced?
    - Whose email has changed?
  • New POS Reports:
    - Custom Taxes
    - Gift Cards Given as Customer Rewards
    - Items Purchased by This Customer
    - Average Sale Amount by Day
  • Summary department names print on the Profit by Department Report.
  • Department names print on the Inventory Summary.
  • Prompts to exclude customers missing an address, city or state when printing mailing labels.
  • Export SVP warranty details.
  • Multiple SQL queries on the same report.
  • Can now email past due reminders.
  E-Commerce Integration Module (ECIM)  
  • Made changes in TRS to allow it to work with the new E-Commerce Integration Module.
  • Various database enhancements for ECIM (E-Commerce Integration Module) program.
  Orson Mobile Apps  
  • Change to allow Orson to retrieve registered business name and address.
  General Enhancements  
  • Prompts for missing email addresses for a new transaction such as a sale, repair, class enrollment or special order.
  • Added drop-down menus to Quick Searches.
  • Required fields can be defined for numerous input screens.
  • E-Z Customer searches may now start with phone number or last name.
  • Different custom screen designer layouts allowable on every computer running TRS.
  • Hyperlinks to easily create a support case and start a remote support session.
  • Designate a manually activated gift card as a reward.
  • The “Send Cashier Credentials” feature of PC Charge (required for 5.10.0 and later versions) is supported.
  • Records the TRS version number in the database for POS sales.
  • Added an option to disable the SQL mouse pointer to fix the long delay on computers using Intel HD video adapters.
  • Deactivated the "Cancel" button on the credit card authorization screen once the transaction has been sent to PCCharge or the processor, in order to prevent the situation where a card is approved, but TRS does not record it as such.
  • Direct integration for PayPros credit card processing.  Eliminates the need for PCCharge if processing with PayPros (formerly PPI).
  • Prompts before deleting a model in the Models List Editor.
  • Monthly licensing supported.
  • Start Remote Support Session feature (on the TRS Internet menu) easier to use.
  • One or more SQL queries can be run upon TRS startup.
  • Integrates with OpenEdge EdgeLink/XCharge credit card processing platform.
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