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JMM has teamed with OpenEdge to offer you an integrated solution that provides one resource for everything your business needs to process credit card payments.

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Change happens ... and we are rolling with it! JMM Software is offering new solutions to incorporate the changes in credit card processing technology.

Take a look:

PCCharge Retiring to make way for EMV (Chip) Technology


Comparing the New Options

PCCharge End-Of-Life - October 1st, 2015

Verifone is ending support for PCCharge on October 1st, 2015. They are no longer accepting new merchants on the PCCharge platform. Current PCCharge users with active support contracts will receive support through the end of their current contract.

Official statement from Verifone

The PCCharge software may continue to work for a period of time after October 1st, depending on the credit card processor you are using, but PCCharge support by the various processors may end at any time, so merchants are strongly urged to move to one of our new supported platforms ASAP.

After October 1st, JMM Software will provide only very basic support for TRS's integration. We will only be able to provide this support if PCCharge is working correctly. If there are any issues with the PCCharge software, neither JMM Software nor Verifone will be able to provide any help with this.

EMV (Chip) Card FAQ

What is EMV?
EMV is the new security standard for credit and debit cards. It utilizes chip technology, rather than the current magnetic stripe technology. The new EMV chips embedded in the new cards help reduce fraud in face-to-face card-present credit card transactions at retail locations. EMV chips are extremely difficult to counterfeit, as opposed to magnetic stripes, which are fairly easy to duplicate.

Is EMV the same as "Chip and Pin"?
The EMV standard covers multiple methods of cardholder authentication. "Chip and Pin" is used throughout much of the world, and requires the cardholder to enter a PIN number to make a credit card purchase. Other authentication methods are "Chip and Signature" (where the customer simply signs for the purchase just like today), and "Chip Only", where no PIN number or signature are necessary (typically used for very small transactions). The verification method used is determined by the card issuer, but it is believed that for most credit cards in the US, "Chip and Signature" will be used most often.

Will I be required to switch to EMV technology? Is it a federal law?
EMV is NOT a federal law. It is "liability shift" imposed by the credit card companies. After October 1st, 2015, merchants who do not have an EMV card terminal will become liable for any counterfeit (and in some cases stolen) cards that they accept in their store without using an EMV terminal. It is up to merchants to decide if the increase in liability risk is worth the cost of upgrading to EMV.

How are EMV cards processed/read?
The cards are inserted into a slot in the EMV terminal. Unlike swiping a magnetic stripe, the card remains inside the terminal until the transaction is approved.

Will magnetic stripes stop working after October 1st?
No. Merchants without EMV terminals will still be able to process credit cards using magnetic stripes (with the increased fraud liability mentioned above). Also, if a non-EMV card is presented at an EMV terminal, the card may be swiped as well. If an EMV card is presented at an EMV terminal, but the magnetic stripe is swiped, the terminal will most likely sense that it is an EMV card and prompt the user to insert the card into the EMV slot instead, so the chip can be read.

Does TRS support EMV cards? Does JMM Software provide the terminals?
TRS 11 supports two new payment card integrations, both of which can support EMV cards. One of these is through our preferred OpenEdge credit card processing company. The other is through Verifone Point, which works with many major credit card processing companies. JMM Software does not provide the terminals directly. You must contact OpenEdge or Verifone to get the terminals, and contact JMM Software to set up TRS to communicate with them. TRS 10 and earlier will not support EMV cards.

So once I'm set up with these new terminals, I'll be able to process EMV cards?
Both OpenEdge and Verifone Point are still in the process of finishing support for EMV cards. They will both be ready by October 1st. It is recommended that you order the new terminals ASAP, as the terminals are in high demand with the upcoming October 1st date, and there may be quite a long lead time to get the new terminals. At the time of this writing, Verifone has a 10-12 week lead time on Point terminals. For now, you will be able to use the new terminals with magnetic stripes, and when EMV support becomes available, your terminal will be updated at no additional cost to you.

OpenEdge to Point

JMM Software is excited to introduce support for two new EMV-compliant credit card processing platforms. EdgeLink is a new payment processing platform from our recommended credit card processing company, OpenEdge (Formerly PayPros or PPI). For those who prefer to use their own credit card processing company, the Verifone Point platform works with many major card processors. See below for a comparison.

OpenEdge EdgeLink

Verifone Point

Choice of processors OpenEdge only Works with many major card processing companies
Card processing fees Negotiated with OpenEdge Negotiated with your processor
Software to install? Yes, EdgeLink software provided at no cost to you No software needed, other than TRS itself
Terminal connection USB port on computer Ethernet (connects to your network router/switch)
Supports EMV (chip card processing)? Yes, depending on terminal chosen Yes
Non-EMV option available? Yes, non-EMV terminals available at lower cost (but with increased fraud liability) No, EMV is included in all Point terminals
Manually enter card numbers through software? Yes, through the EdgeLink software No
Manually enter card numbers on terminal? Yes Yes
Supports terminal signature capture? Yes, depending on terminal chosen Yes, depending on terminal chosen
Terminal source OpenEdge Verifone
Terminal rental available? Yes, approx. $13-$24 per month per terminal Yes, approx. $26-$38 per month per terminal
Terminal rental commitment Month-to-month 3-Year lease
Terminal outright purchase available? Yes, approx. $249-$499* per terminal Yes, approx. $500-$775 per terminal
Ongoing monthly terminal service fee? No (other than terminal rental cost if rented) If terminal is leased, included in lease cost.  If  purchased outright, there is a monthly service fee of approx. $17 per month per terminal.
Can a single terminal be shared by more than one computer? No No
Turnaround time to get terminals 3-7 business days 10-12 weeks
*For most customers. Actual prices negotiated with OpenEdge.



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